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Successful tree transplanting in Perth

Tree transplantation in Perth

    Successful tree transplanting arborists

    We are proud to have been labelled the most reliable and successful tree transplanting organisation in Australia, achieving transplants that have never been seen or accomplished by others across the world. Arbor Centre Pty Ltd has been awarded tree transplanting projects across Perth, Claremont, Nedlands, Dalkeith, Floreat, Mosman Park and Kalamunda at housing estates, road reserves, zoos, shopping centres, Australian and international government departments, and for private clients.

    Arbor Centre's methods of transplanting enable:

    • The original canopy dimensions to be retained throughout the process
    • Minimal root ball sizes for easy handling and lower costs than other less advanced, limited methods
    • Selection from a broad species pallet of mature trees available for short and long term supply
    • Us to provide a detailed maintenance guide for the first 12 months, or more if required.
    • The ability to transplant existing specimens on site
    • Us to take responsibility for the trees we transplant by providing a conditional guarantee for as long as you require

    Tree transplanting should only be carried out by professional arborists with experience using root balls, frames and cranes. We can help you move any size tree safely and successfully, even where tight access might usually be problematic. 

    A lot of time and attention is needed to assess the logistics and site specifics of tree transplants going into private residents. We require a minimum upfront fee of $396, which is GST inclusive. For multiple trees, a service fee will be agreed upon prior to the quotation proceedings for this tree transplanting service. While this may seem expensive to some, tree transplanting can cost thousands of dollars when undertaken by landscape architects, engineers and landscape designers.

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