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Accurate tree surveys in Perth

Tree surveys in Perth

    Tree surveys, assessments and management

    The first step in our arboricultural process is to carry out an accurate tree survey to determine your tree’s condition, height, specie and diameter. A member of our team will visit your private or commercial site to gather all of the information needed, before determining the appropriate course of action and providing a free quote.

    We'll eliminate the risks

    By completing a full tree survey, we can avoid methods that may negatively affect trees with new developments, retain the most valuable and healthy parts of the tree, and prevent unnecessary tree retention. Any trees that are situated close to properties or on publicly accessible land could present potential risks and safety concerns. These trees need to be surveyed and assessed regularly to keep risks of causing harm at bay, and should be managed by professionals.

    The best from your trees

    Our tree surveys and assessments also help us work out what treatments your trees need to keep them as healthy and full of life as possible. Tree risk surveys are an essential to all landowners in order to minimise risks and damage. They are equally as important help preserve the tree’s longevity and welfare. Our GIS equipment enables us to assess and manage your trees efficiently, and to provide high quality reports to determine what actions are needed.

    Our tree survey services include:

    • Tree hazard surveys
    • Site mapping
    • Detailed individual tree inspection
    • Tree surveys using GIS equipment
    • Assessment of tree roots
    • Detection of decay
    • Tree protection plans
    • Safety assessments
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