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Arbor Centre: a reputable and trusted Project Partner

17 Jul 2019

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For over 30 years, we’ve been fully committed to supporting our clients in a variety of ways. We demonstrate this through our Partnering Service; supporting the commercial and public sectors through WA based Landscape Architects, Town & Urban Planners, Local & State Government Bodies, Developers and Project Managers with their projects.

At the Arbor Centre, we live and breathe trees. Our Partnering Service allows us to offer our expertise whilst working in collaboration with your own team. Throughout your project we will add significant value by assisting you with all facets of tree management, helping your team to focus on what you do best.

We can provide plenty of evidence as to how successful this Partnering approach has been and continues to be. We’d be happy to share some case study information with you so you can see for yourself how clients view us as a trusted and experienced pair of hands, when it comes to all things trees.

 In many cases, we’ve been asked to intervene and make good, following less than positive experiences clients have encountered with other incumbents. The feedback we often get is that whilst there are a few operators in the market, we’re trusted beyond others to provide quality advice and do the job properly.


Our Partnering approach is based around the following 7 steps:

Step 1 - Undertake exploratory fact-finding session

Before we commence work, we undertake an exploratory fact-finding session. This ensures both our team and our clients’ team are fully aligned about the scope of work is required moving forward.


Step 2 - Establish required scope of work/projects

Once we have uncovered what’s actually required to complete the project, we will work with you to establish and formalise the required scope of work. This is where we will confirm the reporting, milestones, deliverables and project end date.


Step 3 - Refine and complete detailed plan of work/projects

Once all major details regarding the scope of work are agreed, we will then refine how we plan the entire project in order to ensure that milestones are met.


Step 4 - Agree allocation of hours/resources/duration required

Once all of the planning and scope has been decided, we will provide a quote which outlines how many hours, resources and materials are required and the actual duration needed, to complete the project.


Step 5 - Confirm commercial terms of engagement

At this stage we will confirm with you all the commercial terms of engagement and provide you with all relevant documentation.


Step 6 - Finalise contract

Prior to work commencing, we will provide you with an Agreement To Proceed so that all parties are able to sign off on the agreed project commercial and operational details.


Step 7  - Instigate initial works

The final stage of our approach is the get started on the job! Partnering Service options include progress meetings and quarterly reviews which means we will regularly be in touch with you and continue our partnership throughout the duration of the project.


We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with a personalised approach that benefits both your business and the trees that you are utilising within your project. If you have any questions regarding our Partnering Services, please feel free to give our team a call on 9359 9300 or contact us online!