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Arbor Centre: Supporting Public Sector Organisations To Manage Parks and Public Areas

by Luke Lumbus (Arbor Centre Consultant) 05 Nov 2019


In Perth, we love the outdoors. Despite the pressures that urban density initiatives often bring, Perth still benefits from its wide range of local parks, public areas and outdoor spaces. Whether it’s summer at the beach, picnics at the park in spring or winter walks through the many open spaces our city has to offer, the outdoors is a part of our everyday lives.

At the Arbor Centre we play a vital role throughout different local councils by providing Consultancy services to support our local parks, open spaces and specialist urban projects. As an industry leading organisation, we pride ourselves on working with local councils and government bodies to assist you to be able to continue to provide the picturesque city we have become accustomed to.

Make a Long Term Plan: Preservation, Protection and Prevention

Trees of value deserve the right specialist attention, no matter their size and location. Throughout our years working throughout the Perth metro area we have made a positive contribution to trees that are located within our parks and public spaces. Through careful and professional planning we are able to support you to successfully blend and protect any mature existing trees you have within your project as a key sustainable asset.

We are experts in providing specifications, guidelines and project delivery that all adheres to the Australian Standards AS 4970. This is one of the reasons the Arbor Centre remains best placed to participate in upgrades to parks and public spaces across WA. This knowledge allows us to prevent “road blocks” that are often associated (for example) with tree retention during the developmental approval stages and disputes during a construction process.

In addition, we are in the process of launching a step-change in Root Barrier protection; our own product and service, exclusive to the Arbor Centre. This will quickly become essential for all Local Government Parks teams to consider. More details will follow.   

Supporting You to Better Manage Your Trees

If you’re responsible for an urban development, the local parks or open spaces in a certain area, then you may be faced with the task of sufficiently managing the trees that have been planted there. Without specialised knowledge, it is difficult to ensure existing and mature trees are properly taken care of. As experienced arborists, we have extensive knowledge and high operational standards which allows us to be best placed to support you in taking care of your existing, significant or veteran trees and/or tree populations.

Specialised Public Area Knowledge

Public spaces create unique challenges for those responsible for them, including trees of significance, play areas, historic trees, heritage sensitivities, delicate environments and circumstances - or more generally, a responsibility for managing a high profile area. The management of open spaces also have legal obligations that need to be considered.

Our Consultancy Division is able to provide specialised support that is required in relation to the management of a public space. We not only understand the legal requirements that surround working with public places but will continue to priorities the best interest of the trees you’re responsible for.

If you would like more information regarding our Consultancy Division and the services we are able to provide, then please feel free to fill in our online contact form or give us a call on 9358 9300.