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How The Arbor Centre Helps To Preserve And Cultivate Trees In The Creation Of New Roads

by The Arbor Centre 26 Feb 2020

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All too often, trees are viewed as being dispensable when the construction of new roads takes place. However, they don't have to be – and with the help of a specialist arboriculture team, you can ensure that trees in your public spaces not only survive, but also thrive.

Trees and roads can coexist and, in fact, flourish together. Trees provide shade and protection from the elements and can contribute to the longevity of roads. In turn, roads allow us ease of transport throughout the built environment and are enhanced by the attraction that old and new trees bring.

Transplanting trees during road construction

During road construction, it’s often necessary to move trees to make way for the project works.

The Arbor Centre offers transplanting services so that, in some cases, there is an alternative to trees simply being cut down to make way for works. In most cases, specialist arborists are an absolute necessity to ensure the safe and appropriate removal, transplant or retention of the tree.

With transplanting, we are often able to help find a new home for a mature tree where it will have the best chance to thrive, by applying the correct transplant process and carefully planned and managed aftercare programmes.

In inexperienced hands, trees are often compromised or can die shortly after transplanting. Investing in our trees is important.

Tree planning, surveying and profiling

Before engineering roads, it’s necessary to form a plan around the trees that will be affected by the construction and a further plan for trees that will be installed as part of a new tree planting project. A trained arborist can help you do either or both of these. Part of the process may include obtaining data surrounding the tree population through a tree survey.

Provide informed data from Tree Surveys can support planning decisions and can also ensures that roads are designed and engineered for the best value, condition and the incorporation of suitable green infrastructure.

When we plan for road construction, we don’t only plan for the trees we need to transplant. Many companies also want to install new trees for the longevity, shade and aesthetics of the public space, particularly in precinct areas.

The Arbor Centre can help you to choose appropriate species that will thrive under your specified conditions. We can also ensure that the road and surrounding infrastructure are protected from future damage.

Recently, Arbor Centre launched Fortress5: a product-as-a-service, which protects public spaces – including footpaths, cycleways, and car parks – from tree root damage. It’s already being implemented by local governments around Western Australia.

Nature and roads can easily cohabit within the same spaces and work together to create a protected and harmonious environment.

You can find out more about our work here or contact us at with any questions or a quote for a future project.

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