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The Importance of Mature Trees to Make Our City More Liveable

by Rob Bodenstaff 27 Nov 2017

Leafy Street1

Every year Perth summers seem to get a little longer, a little drier and even hotter. In order to make our city more liveable for future generations it is important we begin to create a more sustainable plan to combat the perils of urban heat. In order to counteract the increasing Perth summer heat, both immediate and long term measures need to be put in place. Mature trees can help with the current problem, and planting of new trees can help with these issues long term. Both new plants and mature trees play an important role is current and future urban planning.

Mature trees
Different species of trees reach maturity at different points. However, as a general rule of thumb it takes approximately 20 years for a medium sized tree such as a Marri to reach its early stage of maturity as a 10m - 12m tree. A mature tree of this size provides a canopy that is equivalent to 100 new trees that are 200L size.

Marri Tree3

The mature tree canopies of urban trees immediately assist in the countering issues with increasingly urban heat that we are faced with today. Having a mature tree located in your street or local park assists in combating urban heat. They cool down the area, provide oxygen and shade as well as adding to the idyllic landscape we have become accustomed to within the Perth Metropolitan area.

Issues facing the growth of mature trees
Once a tree reaches maturity it is able to and provide the full benefits that are required to tackle urban heating. The trees we plant today, will be able to assist with the future issues that arise as our city continues to grow. However, in the 202020 Vision Masterclass 2015 which was held in Perth, it was unanimous among tree managers and delegates that less than 25% of the trees that had been planted in Perth’s urban settings will ever grow on to become worthwhile mature specimens within landscape. Further anecdotal evidence indicated that number could be as little as 10% in many areas. 

Planning for the future
As Perth continues to grow, the space available to plant new trees is continuing to decrease. This makes it imperative to ensure the majority of trees that are planted today actually grow to become mature trees for future generations to enjoy. New trees need to be regularly planted to keep up with growth. Planning now to ensure there are enough mature trees to meet with future demand will ensure Perth continues to be a enjoyable and liveable capital city.


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