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Monitoring, Aftercare and Support: The Best Care For Your Tree

31 Jan 2019

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The care of a tree or group of trees that have been transplanted or relocated is of course critical to its well-being, particularly in the warmer months. This process can be both complex and time-consuming depending upon the species of tree and the location chosen.

To ensure your tree or trees have the best chance of survival, appropriate monitoring, aftercare and support is imperative. Our specialist team at the Arbor Centre, provide extensive Monitoring, Aftercare and Support services to Public Sector, Commercial, Strata and Residential clients.


When Does Monitoring and Aftercare Support Start?

Our monitoring and aftercare support commences by devising a tailored aftercare program which is specific to the actual site of the tree(s). This is usually done immediately following the transplant or relocation. This aftercare program is designed to provide detailed information for you and can also exist as a report to support a subcontractor, in cases where the Arbor Centre are not directly responsible for carrying out the ongoing maintenance.


Is It Ongoing and What Do You Look For?

In order to ensure your tree is thriving in its new environment, we conduct regular scheduled site visits and ongoing reporting to provide feedback on the status or progress of the tree. We also keep an eye out for any changes to site conditions or circumstances. These reports will then contain actions and recommendations and again can be used for the subcontractor to incorporate into the current programme.

 Our team use the extensive knowledge base and experience that we have in transplanting to identify Tree Performance Indicators (TPI’s) as part of our monitoring activity. There are a range of things that TPI’s can include such as leaf size, foliage colouration and new root extension. TPI’s also consider the ongoing performance of site conditions and maintenance activities include watering regimes, soil and nutrition status and mulching.


Free Tree Replacement Guarantee

The Arbor Centre have a unique ability to provide a free tree replacement guarantee that is underpinned by our monitoring and aftercare programme. Delivering this support is integral to the provision of the Free Tree and Replacement Guarantee (T&C’s apply). The duration of the guarantee can range from 3 months to 1 or more years, subject to your individual requirements.

If you have any questions regarding the monitoring, aftercare and support services that we offer our clients, please feel free to give us a call on 9359 9300 or fill in our online contact form.