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Nature's Air Conditioners Helping Your Family Stay Cool This Summer

by Rob Bodenstaff 17 Nov 2017

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It’s getting to that time of year again, summer is right around the corner and the temperatures are already starting to rise. Sunny beach days and balmy warm nights, there is nothing quite like a summer in Perth. With this coming summer tipped to be an extremely warm one, finding ways to keep cool is a top priority.

During a hot, Australian summer some people prefer their air conditioner or a fan, and others prefer the beach or public pools. No matter what way you chose to stay cool, our local communities have been designed to best utilse nature’s air conditioners to keep you cool in a number of ways.

Why do we need trees in our street and on our property?
Have you ever given much thought to the trees that are located throughout your street and suburb? A tree like the one pictured above reduces the radiant heat of hardstand within a 50m radius by up to 2 degrees over the summer months. So that means on a hot summer day, your house may be 2 degrees cooler than someone in a similar area who didn’t have mature trees close by. Many trees have been strategically placed throughout urban developments to help withstand the increasingly hotter Perth summers.

Why do we need trees when the Council could install a shade sail?
Summer is the best time to enjoy our local community. Whether you take the kids down to the local park or going to your local council pool for a swim, during summer we are more likely to actively utilise our community facilities. We know that trees make the area cooler, but they also save taxpayers money by providing free shade in communal parks and outdoor areas. A single tree the size of the image above provides an average of 6000 m2 of 50% shade per day. It takes roughly 50 shade sails of 8m x 8m to provide the same level of shade, which at approximately $30/m2 to install, can costs our local councils around $96,000 every ten years.

A number of local pools across Perth, such as Aquamotion in Wanneroo utilises native trees to provide visitors with various shaded areas to utilise when they visit. This saves money to ensure local community facilities are affordable for everyone to enjoy.


Do you want to know more about how trees in your local area help keep you cool in summer? Keep an eye on our blog for future articles. If you have a question, let us know by completing the enquiry form below!