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The Arbor Centre Announces Fortress5: Protection For Infrastructure

by Rob Bodenstaff 21 Nov 2019

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The Arbor Centre is excited to announce the launch of its new Infrastructure Protection Solution, Fortress5.

We have developed the new product and application process to meet the demands of government organizations in reducing their year-on-year costs from tree root-related damage. It also helps these organizations to retain maximum amenity value in public open spaces.

Fortress5 is exclusively available from the Arbor Centre and is a unique product-as-a-service. It creates a root barrier to allow for improved levels of infrastructure protection in a variety of urban environments including cycle paths, car parks, roads, as well as hardstand and soft-fall outdoor areas. Fortress5 is already being used by Local Governments in Western Australia.

The Arbor Centre has developed Fortress5 as a high-performance and safe spray-on root barrier solution. It combines an innovative product with a certified and ‘site-specific’ application, all backed by a warranty.

Five (5) core fundamentals underpin the solution. These are built around the combination of a premium product with the highly skilled application of it.

The five fundamentals are:

  1. Comprehensive project preparation and advice, including ‘site-specific’ assessment of the working environment.
  2. Project Managed service delivery throughout, with final inspection certification.
  3. Proprietary Infrastructure Protection Coating with a unique formula, which is highly adaptable to site circumstances, provides best-in-class protection and is easily identified from other products.
  4. On-site ‘site-specific’ preparation process and application delivered by highly skilled and accredited Arbor Centre staff.
  5. Warranty options, for both the product and its ‘site-specific’ application.

Rob Bodenstaff, the Managing Director of the Arbor Centre, said: “I am delighted that after a rigorous period of field development and testing, [The Arbor Centre] is able to introduce our Fortress5 solution into the market. We’re confident that this combination of product certified site-specific application will yield great results for our Public Sector clients. Fortress5 represents an Arbor Centre innovation, and as such, it’s part of our growing portfolio of root zone management services.”

You can find more information about Fortress5 here. We are looking forward to meeting with clients to provide more detailed insights into the product.

Want to get in contact? You can email us at or message us through our website.