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State and National Organisations

For State and National Organisations, the Arbor Centre delivers problem solving expertise and innovative ways to help clients gain or maintain the maximum value and longevity from their tree assets.

We’re proud of providing our expertise and services to State and National organisations such as;

  • Heritage Commission
  • National Trust
  • Historic Gardens Society
  • The Botanical Gardens Park Authority – Kings Park

Our specialist Tree Management service for State and National Organisations has enabled Asset Managers and Garden Curators of heritage or iconic settings, to deal with tree issues that warrant specialist attention or a level of expertise that is not usually available as part of day to day tree maintenance or other asset management operations.

These services, offered by our Green Surgery division, both informs and meets a wide variety of needs including: -

  • Exercising our specialist skills and knowhow in tree canopy and root zone management to address tree specific &/or site specific tree issues for heritage, veteran or habitat trees or problem situations that arise.
  • Scoping of tree related issues to advise on the levels of arboricultural input that are warranted and the quality of information required
  • Providing science based and evidence based inputs into the development and implementation of ongoing maintenance programs; that include overall risk management, root zone management and tree canopy management*
  • Investigations and the delivery of Integrated Pest Management programs*
  • Tree protection works associated with New developments, or Refurbishments, or the upgrading of hardstand or roads or traffic areas*
  • Working in collaboration with the project team in addressing tree related issues during construction.
  • Remediation works following damage to tree roots and canopies*
  • Carrying out data collection for consulting arborists*
  • Informing asset managers on ways to manage people activities and implementing measures for pro-active tree retention*

*Where higher level of expertise are required to address complex scenarios, we are able to refer customers to our specialist Surface and Subsoil division or our Arboricultural Consultancy division.    

For further information on our Services for State and National Organisations, please get in touch with a member of the Arbor Centre Green Surgery team by completing the Enquiry Form below.

Alternatively you can call our offices on 08 9359 9300