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Strata Services

Whether you have responsibility for one or a series of Strata complexes, our skilled arborists and wider team are able to support you through maintenance programmes which may include advising and assisting with the removal of unwanted trees or perhaps trees that attract unreasonable maintenance costs.

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At the Arbor Centre, we’re constantly working on innovative ways to help our strata clients gain the maximum value on behalf of the occupants they serve through our arboriculture understanding, skill and experience.

By introducing cost-effective Management Service options for Strata Management Companies, we’re offering an opportunity to optimise and support your responsibility for advising, managing, and monitoring the trees within your strata. This Service can be equally applied to refurbishment projects and incorporated into ongoing programmed maintenance requirements.

Typically, we can help with the removal of unwanted trees, or perhaps trees that attract unreasonable maintenance costs. In other instances, it might be helpful to request our support in initially identify and remove trees that are not worthwhile retaining. We can also advise and help with rogue roots that may be causing damage to paths and driveways. In this respect, our Surface and Subsoil Division also has qualified people who can help with more complex issues.

In the first instance, we're happy to come out on site for an initial assessment. 

We can show you ways of getting the best out of your worthwhile trees through smart servicing and reducing your spend on challenges such as blocked drains, excessive leaf litter etc. and all the time considering key safety aspects.

With the ability to scale and specialise, we can help to minimise risks and maximise benefits for each strata. This, along with industry best practice ensures that safety, duty of care and the longevity of the trees remain key considerations throughout.

One of the important facets to consider is the value that trees of worth bring to the property area, both as an amenity and in monetary value. The anecdotal link between tree value, amenity and property values is now evidenced in a variety of reports such as the one below from Science Direct…

For further information on our Strata Management services, please get in touch with a member of the Arbor Centre Green Surgery team by completing the Enquiry Form below.

Alternatively you can call our offices on 08 9359 9300