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Residential Information Page

Information for Residential Clients

We've been helping Residential Clients look after their trees for over 30 years. Hear what our clients say about us, below.

You can talk to us about the safety and/or health of your trees and we can arrange for a qualified arborist to visit your property in order to provide a quote or for an assessment of your tree(s).

We can also supply and install trees. In some cases, we may be able to purchase your unwanted trees.

Obtain a Quote or Advice
You can talk to us directly about your pruning needs, or concerns you might have around the safety, health or structure of tree(s) on your property.

We'll visit you at your property, free of charge, to provide a quote

Any quotes accepted prior to October 31st 2019 will qualify for a 10% discount. For more details about our offer, please call us on 08 9359 9300

When you choose your preferred arborists, it's important to consider if they recognise and work to the Australian Standards (AS 4373 and AS 4970). We do, it's covered by our warranty of reliability - implementing tree care practices that preserve the integrity of worthwhile trees and their value. Be careful who you choose for your tree works.

Please call us on the telephone number below or email us via this website to book your quote.

Further information can be found HERE

This is what our clients say about us . . . .  "The team at Arbor Centre has looked after our trees for 30 years and always delivered first-class care. The arborists are totally professional and knowledgeable. Their work is always done as per the quotation, on-time, and the garden left spotless. We thoroughly recommend them".

Arborist Site Visit
For residential clients that require an assessment of a specific tree(s), For $150+ GST, one of our suitably qualified and experienced arborist will visit your residential property for a preliminary visual assessment to ascertain the outline status of your tree(s) for a fixed fee of $150 + GST. During the Arborist Site Visit (ASV), the Arborist will make verbal comments and observations and simply leave you with these to consider.

Full details and our terms for ASV's can be found HERE

This is what our clients say about us . . . . "As ever, all the skill and precision of surgeons by big men wielding chain saws with no signs left behind, just beautiful trees. Thank you all for the great care with which you treat my trees. I wouldn't have anyone else to do this work"

Pruning of Tree Canopies and Roots
At the Arbor Centre, we understand the need to manage both the canopy and roots of trees in order to maintain the well-being and safety of the tree and the protection of people and the surrounding structures.

We regularly help Residential clients with the following:

Controlling tree canopy height and spread
Managing tree risk to people and/or property
Raising or reducing tree foliage over gardens, lawns, roofs and structures
Thinning of canopies to improve light penetration
Formative pruning to improve juvenile tree performance and longevity
Property Line clearances
Root Pruning

Further information can be found HERE

This is what our clients say about us . . . . "CT and the team were truly fantastic. They provided expert advice and care for all of the trees on my property (giant peppermint, large olive trees, a Chinese Willow and a Fig Tree) and they left my place looking immaculate. Would highly recommend!"

For further information, Residential clients can contact us on 08 9359 9300

Alternatively, please complete the enquiry form below and a member of our Green Surgery team will get back to you.