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Partnering Service

Inclusion or retention of trees in a development or urban setting is a complex area because it interfaces with so many professions. There are a variety of considerations that need to be taken on board. Our broad experience make us a preferred partner for many clients.

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By introducing a Partnering Service option we are able to support Landscape Architects, Town & Urban Planners, Local & State Government Bodies, Developers and Project Managers with a project or development at various stages.

By offering our expertise in collaboration with your own team, we add significant value and allow you to focus on what you do best.

Specifically by adopting this approach benefits can be realised as follows:

o   Dollar Savings

o   Improved Standards of Practice

o   Compliance to AS 4970

o   Guidance and Direction around design elements

o   Tree Specific Considerations

o   Recognition of the Dynamics of Trees in the above and below ground Landscape

o   Evidence based solutions to tree issues

o   Mitigating Tree Disputes

o   Optimising Canopy Coverage Opportunities

o   Addressing Heat Island Effects

All of this contributes to:

o   Project efficiency

o   Enhanced reputation

o   Smooth Transitioning / Assisting with Development Approvals

o   Protecting the client from spurious claims

o   Community Outcomes

o   Legislated obligations for

  • Liveability
  • Sustainability

o   Meeting Urban Environmental Responsibilities

All Managed Service offerings are both tailored and scaleable and can also include an optional ‘Emergency Call-Out’ service.

Our 7-Step Managed Service Approach

  1. Undertake explorative fact-finding session
  2. Establish required scope of work/projects
  3. Refine and complete detailed plan of work/projects
  4. Agree allocation of hours/resources/duration required
  5. Confirm commercial terms of engagement
  6. Finalise contract
  7. Instigate initial works

Managed Service options include progress meetings and quarterly reviews.

Emergency Call-Out

For Managed Service clients, the Arbor Centre offer a responsive ‘Call-Out’ service for emergency situations. Its purpose is to respond to situations where they may be risk of danger, obstruction or harmful damage associated with a tree or set of trees.

If you need assistance in an emergency situation please use our Emergency Call-Out number which is stated within each Managed Service Agreement.

Getting in touch is easy . . . please complete our simple form below and a member of our team will get back to you. 

Alternatively, if you have a particular tree that you own and that you would like to sell or take with you when you move,
[click here] and complete a separate form for this purpose.