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Spring & Summer 2019 Green Surgery News

This is the ideal time to have your pre-summer Tree Pruning done - and we're offering to save you some money too . . .  

As temperatures begin to rise and we get ready to enjoy the outdoor season, it's an ideal time to think about the trees around your property and what effect the warmer weather has on them.

During the Spring months, a tree's canopy can become heavier and laden with new seasons growth as everything springs back into life. That's why many of our clients choose to get our Green Surgery team to carry out a visual inspection and a quote for Tree Pruning, following the winter period of dormancy, at this time of the year. 

Some typical seasonal issues include; excess dead-wood within canopy, over-extended branch growth, branch defects, clearance issues and potential leaf litter problems. Ensuring your tree(s) continue to be healthy, strong and provide environmental and aesthetic benefits is something that the Arbor Centre continues to take great pride in assisting clients with.

Many of our residential clients benefited from the discounts we were offering during October 2019. Please check again in the New Year for further discounted offers. 

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We would like to thank those of you who have recently left five-star reviews on our Google Review page, we are always pleased to receive feedback and referrals. Some of the comments we've received include;

"As ever, all the skill and precision of surgeons by big men wielding chain saws with no signs left behind, just beautiful trees. Thank you all for the great care with which you treat my trees. I wouldn't have anyone else to do this work"

 "Absolutely professional. Arrived on time, thoroughly inspected tree and was extremely helpful. Highly recommended. Thank you for a job well done"

"Arbor Centre did an excellent job. They have always been professional, punctual, competitively priced, and sensitive to home owners' needs. This time was no exception. Thank you for a job well done"

Please feel free to add your five-star reviews on our Google Reviews Page. To do this, simply type arbor centre perth into Google and it should appear on the page. Once you see our reviews page, select the 'Write a Review' button and follow the instructions. 


Fixed price Arborist Site Visits are still available . . .

For Residential clients that would like an existing tree or a number of existing trees assessed at a specific location, we can arrange for one of our qualified staff to meet with you on-site to conduct an Arborist Site Visit (ASV).

For $150+ GST*, a suitably qualified and experienced arborist will visit your property or your clients’ property, in order to undertake a preliminary visual assessment to ascertain the outline status of your tree(s). This might for example simply be to assess the tree health, structure or concerns you may have.

Full details can be found by Clicking Here


For further information on all of our services for Residential Clients, please contact us using the Enquiry Form below or alternatively call our office on 08 9359 9300