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Strata Services

Strata Management companies count on us to provide professional advice and practical interventions in a transparent manner, offering value for money and acting in the best interests of both the Strata residents and management alike. 

At the Arbor Centre, we recognise that All Strata's are different in the management of their Tree Assets. Options exist to manage the specific services of each Strata in different ways and we are able to tailor our own services to match both the operational circumstances and site(s) in question.

For Strata Management companies, we offer fixed fee services over an agreed duration by setting out an allocation of resources over a 6 or 12 month period following extensive planning and agreement on budgets. Our dedicated Strata services also include options for an Emergency Call-Out and we are happy to offer new customers a short term ‘trial’ period which includes a free initial consultation to determine the scope and range of the requirement.

Further information on the Strata Services offered through our Green Surgery team is available here

We are happy to offer new customers a short term ‘trial’ period which includes a free initial consultation

Emergency Call-Out

For Managed Service clients, the Arbor Centre offer a responsive ‘Call-Out’ service for emergency situations. Its purpose is to respond to situations where they may be risk of danger, obstruction or harmful damage associated with a tree or set of trees.

If you need assistance in an emergency situation please use our Emergency Call-Out number which is stated within each Managed Service Agreement.

Getting in touch is easy . . . please complete our simple form below and a member of our team will get back to you. 

Alternatively, if you have a particular tree that you own and that you would like to sell or take with you when you move,
[click here] and complete a separate form for this purpose.