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Planning and Facilitation

In any given project, planning and preparation is key. Our experienced team can provide  valued assistance during the process of tree selection and installation to ensure that all decisions are aligned to providing the right species and size of tree, in the right environment, for the right purpose. Our Planning and Facilitation team are focused on the best available outcome for every client.

Everything is geared around meeting our client’s objectives. The way we do this is by informing the people and professions in the decision making process, on the considerations that cumulatively underpin successful outcomes, all of which are needed throughout the various stages of the 'Mature' transplant and construction operations. 

Considerations may include: -

  • Providing support to the needs of planners, engineers, architects and landscape architects in the final design and approvals processes
  • Informing on the limits and constraints that might influence design of construction works or the performance expectations of the tree
  • How best to interface with existing or new structures or below ground services
  • Options in contractual management issues that impact on successful transplant outcome

For further information on our Planning and Facilitation services, please get in touch with a member of the Arbor Centre Transplant team by completing the Enquiry Form below. Alternatively you can call our offices on 08 9359 9300