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Case Studies

Over the years, we've been responsible for delivering a wide variety of projects in both the public and private sectors. Below, we've provided just a few examples of these projects along with some concise commentary.  

Jacoby Park sm

Fred Jacoby Park, Mundaring

The installation of a one kilometre long below ground pipe line that was connecting the water treatment plant to the Kalgoorlie pipe line required us to survey and provide arboricultural advice on the tree population that were likely to be impacted.

Client: Brookfield Multiplex / Water Corporation
Project Commencement/Completion: July 2012 - Current
Location: Fred Jacoby Park, Mundaring

The advice we provided included the establishment of tree protection zones, identifying tree preservation requirements, providing tree specific root zone and canopy management specifications and a tree management plan

We also considered the protection of foraging sites and breeding areas for native Cockatoo’s as an important aspect that demanded high levels of compliance to Federal Environmental Legislation and high standards of co-operation between the Water Corporation, the Arbor Centre and Brookfield Multiplex.


UWA Fig sm

University of Western Australia: Fig

University of Western Australia (UWA) requested our advice regarding health, vigour and structure of the mature Ficus microcarpa var. hillii (Hills Fig) amid concerns relating to the construction and development of the CO2 building located within the grounds of the Crawley campus.

Client: UWA
Project Date: July 2014 (Tree Protection during construction)
Species: Ficus microcarpa var. hillii

The Arbor Centre undertook numerous innovative Arboricultural based preservation, protection and remedial work prior to and during the construction and development of the CO2 building. 

Challenges regarding the lack of space within the site created issues surrounding storage of debris, building materials, waste materials etc. On numerous occasions, the specified Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) was utilised as areas for storage. Interestingly, the Australian Standards actually allow for this  under correct management. 

61 positioning the tree

Perth CBD: QV1

QV.1 is a 40-storey modernist skyscraper in Perth, Western Australia. Completed in 1991, the 163-metre building is the fourth-tallest building in Perth.

Client: Built.
Installation date: 30th October 2017
Tree Species: Delonix regia

Project Description: The client requirement was to install a mature tree into a confined commercial environment for the purposes of introducing an improved aesthetic landscape. By introducing a mature tree, we were able to add 'scale' into the immediate space. The operation of transplanting was complex and utilised a large crane and heavy logistical equipment and vehicles. In turn, this meant the coordination of road closures, weekend working and other safety considerations.



Historic Cloisters Fig

Cloisters on Hay is a unique heritage landmark located in Perth’s CBD located between Hay Street and St Georges Terrace. The site contains a Fig tree which was originally planted back in 1887 by a tenant of the Cloisters.

Client: ProBuild
Project Timeframe: 2012-2015
Tree Species: Jackson Fig Tree

Project Description: The focus of the project was to ensure the protection of this large fig tree with an amenity value of $2m. Our role was to advise the construction project team during the design and planning stages, assist in the development of the specification across the entire project and introduce a monitoring, aftercare and maintenance programme. 

bassendean sm

Bassendean Shopping Centre

The Bassendean Village Shopping Centre upgrade project required our consultancy inputs regarding health, vigour and structure of the trees to be retained 

Client: Hawaiian Group
Installation Date: Oct 2012
Tree Species: Mature Eucalyptus

At the request of Hawaiian Group, Arbor Centre was engaged in November 2012 to survey and inspect the tree population within Bassendean Village Shopping Centre that will be both directly and indirectly impacted from the proposed car park realignment and the shopping centre construction upgrades.

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