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Sustainability Statement

Our Sustainability Statement aims to encourage a culture around sustainable development across all the organisation’s activities and to establish and promote sound environmental practice in our operations.

Sustainability is important to our business. Our Sustainability Statement is as follows:

  • Recycle as much waste material as possible, both onsite and at our customers sites and premises.
  • Provide a safe and healthful workplace and working environments.
  • Participating in efforts to improve environmental protection and understanding, especially through arboriculture education.
  • Minimise the use of paper wherever possible: for example, sending invoices and quotes via email instead of on paper. 
  • Recycling equipment that is no longer of use to the company. For example, we give away items such as computers and printers that we no longer use.
  • Ensuring that all green and natural waste is disposed of according to industry standards and strong environmental principles.
  • Keep energy usage low. For example, we make use of low energy light bulbs throughout and ensure that computers are shut down after work.
  • Being an environmentally responsible neighbour in our community, both during site works and in the wider context.
  • Avoid unnecessary travel by making use of instant messaging, video and audio conferencing, telephone and email.
  • Working with suppliers who promote sound environmental practices where possible.
  • Reuse waste paper (from the printer) where possible, making use of the blank side for notes.
  • Purchase products made with recycled paper.

For further information on our services, please contact us using the Enquiry Form below or alternatively call our office on 08 9359 9300.